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Moving a Piano in Jacksonville with Skinner Moving and Storage

Moving a piano is no easy feat. They are heavy and delicate instruments that require an experienced team to transport correctly. Pianos are not only large and expensive instruments, they also often hold sentimental value to their owners.

A piano may have been in your family for generations, and you may plan on passing it on to your children or grandchildren. If you are a musician, your livelihood may depend on keeping the piano in working condition. Even if you only play it as a hobby, a piano is still a major investment, and you'll want to be sure you can continue to enjoy it as much as you like.

For these reasons, it's usually best to hire a team of Jacksonville piano movers who have the experience and professional tools required to make sure the job is safe and efficient. There are multiple different kinds of pianos; grand pianos, baby grand pianos, upright or spinet, digital, etc.

Each requires a unique approach and set of tools when transporting. More than 30,000 pianos are produced each year, and they all feature a unique construction and design. So, if you want to ensure a safe and stress-free relocation, it's typically wise to use a professional Jacksonville piano moving service. At Skinner Moving and Storage we know pianos. We have all the equipment and commercial mover trucks required to transport a piano the right way. We serve all of Jacksonville, FL and the entire Jacksonville Metropolitan area from Orange Park to Ponte Vedra Beach. So if you need help moving a piano in Jacksonville, FL give us a call.

Hiring Professional Jacksonville Piano Movers - Top Reasons

Customers may need the assistance of a reliable Jacksonville piano moving company for a range of different reasons. Moving in and of itself can be difficult and time-consuming. You need to organize all your belongings, pack them into boxes, secure reliable transportation, and load everything into and out of the truck.

You can ask friends and family to help, but you never know if they'll actually show up when the time comes. Plus, chances are you don't have the professional tools or experience needed to ensure the project is smooth and easy.

When you add a piano into the mix, the project becomes ten times more complicated. Pianos can be extremely heavy, and you could easily injure yourself when trying to move them on your own. But they are also incredibly fragile and valuable as well.

They need to be moved on a dolly and kept stable during transport so they don't require repairs or tuning after the journey. As a result, successfully moving a piano requires the appropriate muscle, teamwork, and specialized training and equipment. Chances are that you won't be able to handle all that on your own without the support of trained professionals.

Moving a piano improperly is not only a safety hazard for you, but you could also end up injuring someone else if you make a mistake. What if you lose control of the piano, and it rolls down the street or falls down a flight of stairs? The consequences could be disastrous if you aren't careful. That's why it's always the best course of action to hire experienced Jacksonville piano movers to take care of it for you.

Jacksonville Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Moving a piano the right way requires specialized equipment and the proper training to know how to use it without risking damage. When you hire professional Jacksonville piano moving companies, they will provide all the necessary tools, so you don't have to worry.

To properly transport a piano, you'll need:
  • Tie-down straps
  • Moving blankets
  • Shrink wrap
  • A furniture dolly
  • A piano dolly designed for the type of piano (upright, grand, baby grand, etc.)
  • A truck equipped with a lift gate or ramp and tie-downs to secure the piano for the ride.
Procuring all those things on your own can be challenging for the average person. But without all those tools, you won't be able to move the piano safely. Piano movers in Jacksonville will not only supply all the necessary equipment but also have the expert training needed to use it properly.

Professional movers also have other skills that you may need, such as packing, assembling, and disassembling furniture. At Skinner Moving and Storage, we've moved hundreds of pianos during our time in business, and we have all the expertise needed to ensure your prized instrument makes it to the final destination in one piece.

Jacksonville Piano Moving Cost

The cost of using a Jacksonville piano moving service can vary depending on a range of different factors. Moving rates are based on the complexity of the project and how much labor and materials are required to get it done. So, you'll need to consider a few things before you can get an accurate moving estimate.
  • What type of piano is it (grand piano, upright, etc.)?
  • Are you moving locally or long-distance
  • Are you moving the piano on its own or as part of a larger move?
  • How accessible is the piano (is it on the second floor or above?)
  • Is there an elevator, or does it need to be hoisted out of the window?
  • Is there any special prep required?
  • How many crew members are needed to complete the project?
  • Do you need any additional services, such as packing or storage?
Each of these factors will affect the cost of hiring a Jacksonville piano moving company. The best way to get an idea of how much your project will cost is to reach out and request a piano moving quote. We will take down your information and provide you with a free estimate after taking the time to discuss your needs. However, no matter what the parameters of your project are, you can expect the price to be affordable and transparent.

Choosing the Best Jacksonville Piano Mover

Although Jacksonville piano movers can make your life easier in a variety of ways, you still need to be sure you find a crew that's up to the task. Not all moving companies have the experience and tools needed to safely move a piano in Jacksonville. So, you should be careful about who you hire and do your due diligence before choosing a particular company.

Here are a few ways to find the best piano moving services.
  • Look for any reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp
  • Visit their homepage to learn more about the company
  • How long have they been in business, and what is their experience with moving pianos?
  • Do they have the proper licensing and insurance?
  • Do you see any mention of specialized tools or training?
  • Is their customer service team friendly and attentive to your needs?
  • Do they satisfy all your needs?
At Skinner Moving and Storage, we are an experienced Jacksonville piano moving company that has been in the industry for five generations. We perform over 2,000 moves per year, which includes dozens of pianos and hundreds of positive reviews on Google. We have a team of 15 hard-working employees who are 100% background checked and have a combined 80 years of piano moving experience.
So, when you need help moving a piano in Jacksonville, get in touch with our friendly and reliable team. We serve all of Jacksonville and the entire Jacksonville Metropolitan area. Call (904) 730-1545 for a free quote on our piano moving services.

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