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Moving isn’t linear, and while you can try your best to prepare your home and belongings adequately, nobody can do it quite like the pros. Skinner Moving knows how overwhelming relocating alone can feel; transitions require tedious planning, time-consuming scheduling, expensive equipment, and hours of work and preparation.

One of the most time-consuming tasks when moving is packing, this is why Skinner Moving provides professional Jacksonville packing services to Jacksonville and the entire Jacksonville Metropolitan. When the professionals handle the packing, it gives you time to focus on the more exciting aspects of your relocation, like exploring your new city!

Why Hire Skinner Moving for Jacksonville Packing Services

People hire moving companies for numerous reasons:
  • Jacksonville packing companies reduce stress by giving you peace of mind that your items are being packed, transported, and delivered securely and on time. 
  • You’ll save money by covering all the supplies and equipment. 
  • Companies aim to keep your belongings safe and free of damage. Damaged goods aren’t uncommon when items aren’t packed correctly and with the right materials. Jacksonville movers and packers are trained professionals with the necessary resources for secure transportation.
  • Professionals offer exceptional packing services you won’t get with DIY packing. Skinner Moving provides the best Jacksonville packing and moving services to ensure your items are carefully packed and ready for their secure transport and delivery. 
  • Help reduce the risk of injury by handling the heavy lifting and providing years of experience and the correct equipment and tools. 
Regardless of which Jacksonville packing services are best for your upcoming relocation, Skinner Moving can provide the services you need!

Jacksonville Moving and Packing Services

Packing your entire home is no easy task; this is why you can greatly benefit from hiring a top-rated Jacksonville packing company.  If this is your first time outsourcing moving services, you may not know what to expect, we’re here to explain what services Jacksonville packing companies provide and what they do.  Here’s a look at the types of services dependable Jacksonville packers and movers provide:
  • Full packing is when your team plans, packs, transports, and unpacks your entire home for you. You won’t have to lift a finger, buy any supplies or equipment, or handle any scheduling. Jacksonville full packing services are ideal for individuals that don’t have any extra time on their hands. 
  • Partial packing is for those who prefer packing some rooms/items themselves but would appreciate assistance on other parts of the home. We understand not everyone wants full packing services, so we’re flexible and will pack as little or as much as you’d like. Partial packing proves especially useful in rooms with many small items, like the kitchen or a closet. The same applies to specialty pieces; perhaps you have an expensive piece of artwork or a beloved family heirloom you’d like professionally packed.
  • Unpacking services is the act of unpacking anything we packed and even placing them in their designated areas of the house. Our movers are communicative and will work closely with you to ensure each item or box is placed in your preferred location.
  • Specialty packing services are for valuable pieces or belongings with sentimental value; this may include items like television sets, china, glass mirrors, artwork, lamps, family heirlooms, special knick-knacks, etc. Regardless of which items need specialty packing, professional Jacksonville movers and packers will ensure each item is carefully wrapped, safely placed in its designated box, and transported securely.  
The first step to a successful relocation is knowing which services will best fit your needs. While we can provide you with ample information, another great way to get your questions answered is by giving us a call; we will happily walk you through the process, explain our services, and tell you what to expect on moving day!

Jacksonville Movers and Packers Cost

A great way to get an idea of how much Jacksonville movers and packers will cost is by doing some research! Searching terms such as “Jacksonville movers and packers near me” or "Jacksonville professional packers near me.” These searches should present you with valuable companies that can offer you insight. Of course, the best way to get an accurate estimate is by requesting a quote from a company. However, all Jacksonville packing companies will examine the following parameters before formulating an affordable quote. 
  • The type of relocation. Is it local or long distance? How many items must be packed/moved?
  • The type of materials that are needed, and how much? (Tape, boxes, shrink wrap, etc.)
  • If any special prep is required. If items need special packing before transporting, your final cost may change.
  • How many crew members are needed? Full service moves will require more crew members than partial moves, resulting in a higher price.
Overall, the size of your move and which services you request will affect the cost; larger moves that require more crew members and equipment will cost more. Partial packing will likely be more affordable as less equipment and supplies are needed. 

Regardless of the services you need, if you choose dependable Jacksonville movers and packers, you will receive a fair and affordable estimate. Our packers are ready to rock! They will make this moving process feel stress free and easy—all at an affordable rate. You may ask yourself if paying for professional packing is worth it. We suggest asking someone that’s done a do-it-yourself packing job versus someone that has hired a team of professionals; you’ll likely hear hiring professionals is much more relaxing and stress free! 


Skinner Moving provides experienced Jacksonville movers and packers. We’re a fifth-generation family-owned company with 15 background-checked employees ready to make your next move feel simple and easy. We proudly serve Jacksonville and the entire Jacksonville Metro with reliable Jacksonville moving and packing services. If you’ve decided hiring a professional company is the best choice for you, contact us at 904-730-1545. 

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