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One of the most time-consuming tasks of any move is sorting through old belongings and deciding which to keep or which to give away. While you may find a handful of items you’re ready to part with, there will likely be many sentimental items, family heirlooms, or other belongings you want to keep but won’t have the space for at your new abode. Skinner Moving & Storage understands just how difficult this process can feel; this is why we offer premium Jacksonville moving and storage services!  Our fantastic Jacksonville storage services are secure and affordable; we ensure all of Jacksonville and the entire Jacksonville Metropolitan area has premium storage options! Working with a company that can house your belongings properly can turn your whole relocating around—from stressful and expensive to stress free and affordable!

Jacksonville Full Service Storage Options

Skinner Moving & Storage can provide any storage service you need! No matter what you need to store, whether it’s old furniture, expensive artwork, or fragile items, we have the resources to ensure its storage securely. As the top Jacksonville moving and storage company, we provide vaulted storage, palletized storage, furniture storage, and more!

If you aren’t sure which storage service will best fit your needs, here’s an in-depth look at what each service entails:

  • Vaulted storage: One of the most common forms of storage is vaulted storage. This method utilizes wooden “vaults,” which are similar to wood crates. They’re securely stacked on top of each other, resulting in easy storage and removal, and are typically packed with belongings such as household goods, boxes, etc.  
  • Palletized storage: This method is ideal for furniture or other large items. If you choose palletized storage, your item(s) will be placed on a pallet, ensuring the most secure storage possible!
  • Oversized storage: This is very similar to palletized storage and is used primarily for large furniture items that won’t fit on a rack or vault—items like boats, pianos, or large couches commonly utilize this service. 
  • Racking: You’ve likely seen this method used in stores like Sam's Club, Costco, BJ’s, or other warehouse stores. Essentially, this method utilizes “shelves” to hold pallets and vaults in place and is typically used for storing FF&E goods.  
There are tons of Jacksonville storage options to choose from; you’ll surely find a service to fit your unique needs! 

Jacksonville Moving & Storage Company

There are various aspects to consider when choosing a team to handle your belongings. And the best way to gather this information is by researching! Before you decide which Jacksonville moving and storage company to hire, you should consider the following: 

  • How many years of moving industry experience does the company have? 
  • What is their claims rate? 
  • How many relocations have they completed? 
  • Are they licensed and insured? 
  • How are their Yelp and Google reviews?
  • Do they offer the services you require? 
  • Do they provide awesome customer service? 
  • Will your needs be met? 
Skinner Moving & Storage proudly provides Jacksonville moving and storage services to Jacksonville and its entire metro area! We have years of experience and fantastic Google reviews. Nobody can handle your storage dilemma quite like us!

Storage costs depend on these factors: 

  • The number of items you need to be stored
  • The number of vaults needed
  • How long you need storage services for (long term storage costs more than short term storage)
Regardless of your storage needs, Skinner Moving & Storage will provide premium Jacksonville storage at an affordable rate! Our state-of-the-art facility is climate-controlled, 24-hour-monitored, and is available to host your belongings for the long or short term. We provide each customer with their very own storage unit, which ensures your items are kept organized and secure. You will always have access to your belongings; we just need a five-day notice and a minimal $100 access fee. 

Top Reasons People Store at City’s Best Full Service Storage Company

If you’re not completely convinced utilizing storage services will prove beneficial, here are a few common reasons people seek Jacksonville storage! 

People may need storage services because they’re staging a house, downsizing, or their new home isn’t ready yet. Or perhaps to lessen their stress; moving can be an incredibly stressful process, requiring taxing labor and hours of scheduling—the last thing anyone wants to do is sift through boxes that have been piling up for years! Another prominent reason is to free up space during home renovations or to store the belongings of a deceased loved one. People will even rent storage units when they’re trying to clean and declutter their homes or offices. Renting a storage unit is ideal for people with beloved belongings they aren’t ready to part with. 

If any of these instances sound applicable to you, you’ll likely benefit from storage services. We can store almost anything in our premium units. If you have personal belongings (clothing, electronics, boxes, etc.), or furniture pieces that need a place to stay, we’ve got you covered. We can also store non-traditional items like pianos, art collections, wine collections, and other expensive, delicate pieces. If you run a business and need secure storage, we can accommodate your needs, too; we can store any office furniture, files, computers, FF&E, or other work-related possessions. 

Whether you plan to store your items for the long term or short term, we can accommodate you. Short storage is three months or less and is common during house staging, renovations, etc. Long term storage is three months or longer and is ideal for downsizing, storing shared items, etc. We will pack your items if you’d like, but we understand some people plan to handle the packing themselves—this is entirely fine—-but we do have a few useful tips for you! Ensuring items are cleaned thoroughly, large items are disassembled, and clear containers are used will result in a more secure and organized process. 

Skinner Moving & Storage will ensure your Jacksonville storage needs are met regardless of your unique requests. We provide premium storage services to all of Jacksonville and the entire Jacksonville Metropolitan area and are ready to provide for you, too!
If you’re still here, you’re probably in need of a dependable Jacksonville storage and moving company, and what better team is there to handle your prized possessions than one of the best moving companies in Jacksonville – Skinner Moving & Storage? Call us today at 904-730-1545; we will ensure your needs are met at an affordable rate!

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